Lauren Young airs out frustration over processing her documents: “Can I have my taxes back?”

‘Contessa’ star, just like the others, had an unpleasant experience while processing her documents in government agencies, specifically in the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In a series of tweets, Lauren aired her frustration after a personnel from a window told her transfer to another window and waited for three hours only to be told to do the same.


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She wrote: “Processing for documents in the Philippines makes me wanna pull my hair out, scream and have my eyes roll back. Basically an exorcism.”

“Guy in window 1 told me I have to get a document but should verify with window 2 if it’s necessary or if theres something they can do for me. Waited in line for 3 hours to get to window 2 only to be told the exact same thing. Salamat! #DFAHorrorStories,” Lauren added.