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Kylie Padilla shares her precious motherhood ring made with breast milk, Baby Alas’ cord and hair

First-time mommy Kylie Padilla considers her first birthing experience as something precious as having her baby Alas marks the beginning of her motherhood journey.

As a symbol of her first pregnancy, the former ‘Encantadia’ star decided to make it more memorable by sharing her motherhood ring made with breast milk, Alas’ umbilical cord, and some strands of his hair.


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Kylie shared photos of her special ring and became sentimental as she expressed her happiness of being a mom.

She wrote: “In beloved memory of my first pregnancy, I had this ring made that contains breastmilk, Alas’s cord and hair and a bit of green sparkle to represent peridot – August, Alas’s birth month.”

“It’s just so sentimental to have my becoming a mother turned into jewellery. Every time I look at it now I remember Alas and I have a part of him with me everywhere I go.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @kylienicolepadilla)

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