Kris Aquino tells fan not to involve Mayor Herbert Bautista anymore


Actress and TV host Kris Aquino posted a conversation between her and her son Bimby regarding a gift given to Kris. Someone sent Kris a set of pink balloons and Bimby was asking who the sender was.

Kris did not mention the name of the sender but what Bimby said was so touching. Here is the conversation:


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“Bimb: Mom, who gave you the balloons?
Me: 🤐
Bimb: Okay, but if he breaks your heart can I shoot him?
Me: Baril agad Bimb? 🔫 Can’t you just punch him?
Bimb: Okay, but if he hurts you, I’ll beat him up because you’re my Mom & I should protect you. 🥊
#MyKnightInShiningArmor #BawalMaHeartbroken #KrisandBimbConversations ❤❤❤”

The conversation got the fans and followers of Kris to guess who the sender was. And the name of QC Mayor Herbert Bautista was mentioned:

“- U deserved more ! Herbert is too plain looking Miss Kris!”

Kris then replied:

“- @garielive nananahimik na si mayor, hayaan natin syang mamuno na may kapayapaan sa puso- ang pa deep ko”

Another fan commented:

“- Hindi yata si photobomer sa US Kasi may kasama sa IG Niya na iba noong New Year. Baka nga si Mayor.”

To which Kris said:

“- @fshermosisima about to sleep but your comments is super funny. Photobomber is 1 of my closest friends @iamgarygarcia & si mayor maraming tungkulin & I don’t think he’ll ever think of sending me balloons- lechon yes, but not balloons 🎈 Good night.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @krisaquino)