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Kris Aquino hurt by James Yap not informing Bimby of son MJ

Actress and TV host Kris Aquino broke her silence about James Yap not informing their son Bimby about having a new son Michael James (MJ) with italian girlfriend Michela Cazzola. Kris made the admission during the Ariel 100 Fearless Filipinas event in Makati City,

In a video post on, Kris said Bimby found out about MJ only on Facebook.


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“Pero iyon lang. Nasaktan ako because my son deserved to find out, na sana diniretso sa kanya. Financially, hindi ko naman inoobliga and hindi ko sinusumbat yun. Pero siguro yung honesty na lang and the effort.” said Kris.

“I think I have done more than my share in trying to be the mature one, because I’m 10 years older, so dapat lang. Pero at this stage din naman of the life of the father, it’s time also to man up.” ended Kris.

(Photo source: Instagram – @kriscaquino / @jamesyap18)

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