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Kris Aquino explains why she chose Herbert Baustista as her favorite ex-boyfriend

She continued, “I owe him this rare blog post, as open as i’ve been with my life, at 46 i’ve actually learned the prudence of silence… but when it was no longer beneficial nor convenient (especially because he is an elected official) for him to maintain ties with me and my family, he pleasantly surprised me by proving everybody wrong about his intentions. When it was perfectly understandable to keep a distance, he’s been there. So this is a much deserved shoutout of genuine praise.”

Kris also explained to followers the importance of friendship.

She stated “A man can break your heart if you had expected love. But that same man can also make you feel loved and valued when both of you realize- over a period of almost 4 years- that true friendship isn’t a consolation prize, it is actually something to be treasured for life.”


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