Kris Aquino commits to a healthier lifestyle

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino reiterated her commitment to live a healthier lifestyle for the sake of her family especially to her two boys – Kuya Josh and Bimby.

On her Instagram account, Kris shared some photos of her exercising with the following caption:

“My BP Thu night to Sat night was elevated, sadly when I have a heavy workload for 3-4 straight days, even on maintenance, it spikes; normalized today because I had complete bed rest yesterday. Went to 1st Friday Mass w/ Ate, updated & consulted this weekend w/ all my siblings regarding my health issues because they worry about their bunso…

We consulted w/ my team of doctors on what I should do for long term wellness. (Our dad had his heart attack when he was 47 years old, I’m now 45 & the only 1 in our family w/ hypertension)- I obeyed Viel & after a high fiber brunch, I did 40 minutes on my elliptical (she sent me several heart health articles)…

I’ll keep you #MyIGBarkada posted because I need to make some important life choices in the next few days… I am the girl who has passionately loved & prioritized my work, and these decisions aren’t easy that’s why I’m praying fervently for God’s loving guidance. My 2 boys need a healthy mom & that is my primary, long term goal. A healthy Sunday to all.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @kriscaquino)