Kris Aquino buys VIP tickets but was given complimentary tickets in Darren concert

During an episode of Aquino and Abunda Tonight (May 27, 2015), Kris Aquino said she was given complimentary marked tickets despite paying for 20 VIP tickets for the Darren Birthday concert.

Kris was surprised when she received the complimentary marked tickets and got a little concern that people might think that she is giving them free/complimentary tickets when in fact she paid for it.


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Kris also said that the producer of the concert failed to issue her an official receipt for her ticket purchase. Her message to the producers of the concert – “Please be honest”.

The Darren Espanto Birthday concert will be on May 29, 2015 and Bimby Aquino Yap will be one of Darren’s special guest.

(Photo source: Instagram – @darrenespanto1)