Kris and Boy gives their thoughts on KC and Sharon rift

The misunderstanding between mother and daughter – Sharon Cuneta and KC Concepcion is the much talked about story in the entertainment industry these past few days. People are asking – what is the deeper reason behind the rift between them?

Kris Aquino and Boy Aquino who are both close to Sharon and KC gave their thoughts about the issue during their daily night show Aquino and Abunda Tonight (June 1, 2015).


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“We have so much love and respect for both KC and Sharon, we really pray na kung meron man, if there’s a slight tampuhan or anything, that the bridge can be built as soon as possible. At the end of the day what matters is what’s inside their hearts” said Kris.

For his part, Boy said “Kristina [KC] if you are watching, I am not imposing who I am in the context of my relationship with my mother, pero talaga if there is a chance, go home, go to mama, say ‘let’s talk’”.

Because based on how you sound its going to be fixed, somebody just has to make a move. As a general rule, I don’t pretend to know the problem, but as a general rule, ang ganda [na ang] anak ang pumupunta at nagsasabing ‘Ma, Pa, ayusin natin’ added Boy.

“There is nothing wrong in humbling yourself most specially if it’s for the sake of your mom and your dad. Nasa bibliya yan – honor your mother and your father” said Kris.

(Photo source: Instagram – @aatofficial)