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K-Pop fans react to Liza Soberano’s tweet about ‘BTS’

‘BTS’ is a name of a seven-member boy band best known for their hits such as “Am I Wrong” and “Not Today.” But to those who are not so aware of the existence of the group, BTS simply means ‘Behind The Scenes’.

And that’s what actress Liza Soberano knows. For many, they find it hard to believe that Liza do not recognize or know the band after she tweeted the following:


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“BTS as in behind the scenes?”

Some BTS fans took the tweet of Liza as an insult and said a mouthful about the actress that prompted Liza to react and tweeted the following:

“People wouldnt know sarcasm even if it slapped them right in the face”

(Photo source: Twitter – @lizasoberano)

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