Juris Fernandez is pregnant with second baby


Singer Juris Fernandez-Lim and husband Gavin Lim are waiting for the arrival of their baby number two early next year.

The good news was popped by Juris on her Instagram account last September 1, Thursday, with a photo collage of their firstborn Giddy and her husband, featuring the ultrasound results. Coincidentally, it was also Gavin’s birthday when Juris made the announcement.

Writing as Giddy, Juris wrote:

“Dear Papa,

My gift to you is a lifetime promise. For the past few months, I know you and mama have been getting ready for the arrival of someone special early next year. And since i’m now 1 yr old, I’d like to take some of your responsibilities. So, I promise that I will be the best loving ahia (kuya) in the world!!! It won’t be too hard to learn how because I have you to look up to, the best loving papa!!! (disclaimer: please forgive me if I might feel a little jealous when the baby comes out hehe)… We love you papa. Thank you for bonding with me, especially every morning before going to work. I love your stories, even our quiet times, just staring blankly at anything hehe. I also enjoy swimming and playing hide&seek with you…I chose this photo of us because I really love being hugged by you. Mama says thank you for being sweet & that we are so blessed to have you. Happy birthday papa! please stay healthy! God bless you always! – #ahiaGiddy, mama & baby PS: Hi everyone, please pray for the baby and mama too. Thank you! Yey! Thank you Lord!”

(Photo source: Instagram – @jurisfernandez)