Jennylyn Mercado opens up about new house, business & dating someone

Besides having a smooth sailing career, actress, host and singer Jennylyn Mercado just moved in to a new house in a village in Quezon City.

Besides the fact that her son, Alex Jazz, is growing up, she also needs to move into a bigger house because she also has a large family.

All her efforts and hard work is for her son’s future.

That’s why she is also proud to share that soon she will be launching her three-story building in Quezon City which has stalls for lease. The building will offer a spa and coffee shop with organic pastries, yoga and heat program with routines and a dance studio for Zumba, hip-hop, burlesque, jazz and a lot more.

She believes that her showbiz career is not forever and investing will help her prepare for the future.

The actress seems to have it all because she also said that currently, she is dating someone. Jennylyn did not reveal the identity of the guy she is seeing because she wants to keep it private, she just need some details on her private life kept to herself.

Right now, Jennylyn stars in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry ‘English Only Please’ that opens in cinemas on December 25, 2014.


(Photo Source: Jennylyn Mercado’s Official Instagram Account)