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Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion breakup – CONFIRMED

As the saying goes – where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

In the Sunday episode of The Buzz, reliable sources of the program confirmed the breakup between Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion. The rumor of the breakup started when the two did not spend Valentines together.

According to the first source of The Buzz, the relationship ended as early as December of 2014 and thw two did not celebrate Christmas together. One of the reasons given for the breakup was the lack of effort on the side of Sam to be closer or to make ammends to Jasmine’s sister – Anne Curtis.


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The second source indicated that the relationship ended January of 2015 and the reason – petty fights and frequent misunderstanding between the two.

Another obvious proof that it is really over between Sam and Jasmine is the removal of their photos in their respective social media accounts.

when asked to give their comments, all three Anne, Jasmine and Sam refused to give comments anymore.

(Photo source: Sam Concepcion Instagram – sam_concepcion)

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