Janno Gibbs shares cryptic post about being a failure: “Sorry for being me.”

Janno Gibbs is spending more time with his family than ever as he has been off the showbiz limelight for quite some time.

But the singer seems to be going through personal issues after posting a cryptic message and a quote card on his Instagram account about being a failure.


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Janno posted a photo with a quote saying: “Sorry for being fucked up.
Sorry for being such a failure.
Sorry for being a disgrace.
Sorry for being me.”

He then wrote in the caption: “Lately i.mess up eberythong i do”

Tagged in the photo is his wife Bing Loyzaga and his daughters Alyssa and Gab.

His showbiz friends expressed their support to the actor and gave him words of encouragement.

(Photo source: Instagram – @jannolategibbs / Facebook – @celebritydesk)