James Reid supports Nadine Lustre for FHM ‘sexiest women’ poll


With Nadine Lustre leading this year’s FHM ‘sexiest women’ poll, her boyfriend actor James Reid hopes that Nadine gets chosen this year.

In an interview with ABS-CBN news, James Reid revealed that he is a hundred percent supportive of Nadine Lustre winning the FHM poll this year. He said “Is she [leading the poll]? Again? Oh my God. Well, I hope she wins this time. That’s good for her. Of course, I am proud. I’m not that type of person [who easily gets jealous]. I am proud. I hope she wins”.


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James Reid shared that Nadine Lustre worked hard to achieve her current body figure. He said that Lustre was able to attain it through the help of dieting and a bit of exercise.

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