Jackie Forster slams basher who called her a “bad parent”

Former actress Jackie Forster was ridiculed by a basher online, after she posted her birthday greeting to her basketball player son Kobe Paras.

On her birthday post for her Kobe, a certain basher criticized her motherhood and even called her son Jared as “autistic”. The netizen commented, “That’s what you get for being a bad parent. Look at how you barely post any picture of Jared just because he’s autistic and you adore your other kids. You’re repeating the same mistake.”


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The former actress then saw the comment, replied and defended her son telling the netizen, he isn’t autistic.

She wrote, “@qa2105 first of all Jared is not autistic, second he is 11 years old and has a life and priorities! Social Media is the least of his concerns right now and he doesn’t have time to play and take photos intentionally. I’m not going to make him come with his younger siblings just to be in a photo for me to prove to someone like you that I, HIS MOTHER, LOVE HIM. Get a life and stay off of my account you judgemental fool.”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @jackie_forster)