Jackie Forster shares fitness tips to new moms

Former actress Jackie Forster gave birth to her fifth child last May 22, 2015. Weighing 7 lbs and 9 oz, Jackie named their baby “Yohan” which means “God’s precious gift.”

On her Instagram account, Jackie shares her fitness secrets to make sure everything goes back to its proper place sooner:

Her first post:

“Before this gets lost in my sea of photos i can’t forget to do this post.

I did some weightloss posts before Caleigh got diagnosed and i remember many women asking me how to stay *fit. I will post every so often on this but for now I want to stress on the importance of binding once you’ve given birth.

I used this one soon after i gave birth.

This is mainly to help make me feel “whole/solid” while helping with my uterine contractions post natal. For those who don’t know after giving birth everything feels loose – your innards and your hips.

I stick with this first few days so its easy to use the restroom plus i dont exert too much on pulling anything up or down. But just before i was discharged after i took this photo i switched to a full girdle na.

2 days post delivery may24,2015 #motherof5″

Her second post:

“This was 7days after i gave birth may29.

Just from using my old girdles and that binder first 2 days. Mind you I am not talking about losing weight.

This post is meant to help mommies “keep yourself together” and to help make sure everything goes back to its proper place sooner but with loads of commitment and effort.

I’m not doing any weightloss posts yet because I’m committed to making my breastfeeding journey work. The last thing I’m concerned about is losing weight, I know i can do that in time.

I want to encourage mommies to stay fit/healthy while keeping priorities intact without forgetting about taking care of You.

P.s if my binder and girdles are back from the wash i will try to post them tomorrow! Sleep well and God bless”

(Photo source: Instagram – @jackie_forster)