Iza Calzado’s “Bliss” being pulled out from cinemas


Actress Iza Calzaso expressed her sadness after learning that her movie ‘Bliss’ is being pulled out from cinmeas – from 62 cinemas, it is now down to 6. Iza is calling on movie goers to support and watch her film so that theater owners will keep the movie in cinemas.

On her Instagram account, Iza posted the remaining cinemas showing her movie with the following caption:

“Hey Guys.. it is with deep sadness that I am posting this. From 62 cinemas we are down to 6 cinemas. Please please go and support and keep watching our film @blissfilmph so theater owners will keep us in cinemas and maybe even add more cinemas once they see that there is a demand from the audience and that people want to watch. WE CAN DO THIS!!!! Taking risks.. #itsmorefuninthephilippines #BLISSph”

(Photo source: Instagram – @missizacalzado)