Isabelle Daza shares why she does not stress out over post-pregnancy weight gain and sleepless nights

Isabelle Daza might have already missed some fun night outs with her friends but it seems like she has no regrets at all.

The first-time mom just gave birth to her baby boy and she makes sure that she gets to spend as much time as she can with him.


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In an Instagram post, Isabelle who was seen breastfeeding her baby shared how she has been embracing sleepless nights and weight gain after giving birth, saying that everything is all worth it as there is nothing better than having her child.

She wrote: “I’m so grateful everyday for this baby boy. he is worth the sleepless nights and the weight gain.”

She also shared an important “mommy lesson” she learned from Gloria Diaz: “My mum told me that ‘the secret to happiness is being grateful for everything you have. Not constantly wanting more or what others have.'”

(Photo source: @isabelledaza)