Is the relationship between Bianca Manalo and Fabio Ide over?

Fans and followers of Bianca Manalo and Fabio Ide noticed that the couple no longer post photos on their respecting Instagram accounts prompting them to ask if the relationship between the two is over.

A visit on her Instagram account showed Bianca’s last photo with Fabio was posted 16 weeks ago or 4 months ago, contrary to what they used to do where they constantly update their followers about their relationship.


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A post shared by Bianca Manalo (@biancamanalo) on

On Fabio’s Instagram account, the last photo he posted was about the same time – 15 weeks ago or almost 4 months as well.

Hoping that the two are simply busy with their respective careers and that they still are very much in love with each other.

(Photo source: Instagram – @biancamanalo)