INSTA PIC: More of Sharon Cuneta’s bag collections

It’s a given that one of megastar Sharon Cuneta’s fascination is to have beautiful and elegant bags. For a number of ocassions, Sharon has shared some of her bag collections to her fans and followers on social media.

Recently, Sharon again posted some more of her collections. Here they are:


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A few more bags… we are moving to our condo permanently, and so most of my bags have already been packed. If you’re looking for those orange boxes (read: Herm├ęs), they were the very first ones to be moved to the condo.:-) Along with many others. Some are safely boxed in a warehouse with caretakers. Of course if you have expensive bags but find these cases expensive, you can always use silica gel. They are widely available in photography stores and pharmacies in the U.S. — they should be here, too. If your bags came with those small paper pouches of silica gel beads in them, they’re there for a reason. Don’t remove them from your bags. They keep the insides moisture-free. Swipe left. @itskcconcepcion

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So of course I had to buy more of these cases. Here are some more bags. Some belonged to my Mommy. Swipe left.

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