Husband of Vanessa Matsunaga shares his thoughts on ‘DanRich’ split


Filipino businessman Jun Sunga shared his thoughts on the much talked about breakup between actors Daniel Matsunaga and Erich Gonzales. Although Jun did not mentioned the names of Daniel and Erich on his post on the comment section, netizens believe that the comments were alluded to Daniel and Erich. Jun is the husband of Vanessa Matsunaga, sister of Daniel.

Jun posted a photo message on his Instagram account that says: “Do the right thing even if no one is looking. It’s called Integrity.”


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On the comment section, some netizen commented about the ‘DanRich’ breakup that prompted Jun to post the following comments:

– “@jcbm315 so when you’re in pain you choose to hurt others too? If you’re in pain, imagine what the two are going through and imagine what the families of the two are going through. We were all just together for New Year laughing and having fun. Despite that we choose to respect and understand their decision and situation. There’s more to life than the celebrities that you follow so passionately. Follow Jesus and be his fan girl, you’ll realize why he is worth your time, effort and love. Following another human being will just put you to the wrong path, it will be just like a blind leading a blind. God bless you.”

Jun added that he and the family was also surprised to discover that the relationship was over.