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Happy Birthday Anne Curtis – Journey to 30

So what is so special about the 30th birthday of one of the most popular celebrity in the country today? No fancy parties for Anne Curtis it seems. In an Instagram post, Anne hinted that she might visit some children to donate books or perhaps she would be doing some book reading with them.

In her caption, Anne said:

“All ready for tomorrow. Will be spending my birthday somewhere special and meaningful after Showtime. #AnnesJourneyTo30“


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Annes current beau Erwan Heussaff greeted Anne in an Instagram post:

“Happy birthday to most caring and hardest working woman I know. Today you turned 30, a number that freaks out most people, sending them into a frenzy of “what have I done with my life?”. In your case you’ve accomplished so much already. You’ve kept a strong head during tough times and have arrived more fulfilled than ever. I can’t wait to conquer more countries with you, eat our way through bizarre cities, wreck ourselves at workouts, binge watch TV series’ and bounce around like idiots at different concerts. Remember you’re just 18 with 12 years of experience under your belt. Je t’aime.“

Sister Jasmine Curtis-Smith also greeted Anne with this message:

“Happy birthday Ate @annecurtissmith it’s so difficult to think of a message for you because everything I could wish for, you already have. The only thing I could think to ask the Lord for is to keep on flourishing your blessings. I’m so thankful that we’ve grown close to the point where nababatukan na kita pag inaasar mo ako. thank you for being the core of the Curtis Smithees and never being short of help for our parents for always being my Ate in every aspect kahit na matigas ulo ko and di ko pa nakikita ang point mo. For always being crazy for the world to love and be entertained by. For being so so amazing. For showing me what passion for the craft is all about. WE’RE OFFICIALLY A DECADE APART TODAY let that sink in. 30 KA NA!!! I love you!!!! Can’t wait to spend the day with you.“

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From CHISMS – Happy Birthday Anne!

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