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Gretchen Ho receives ‘The Enchanted Rose’

Athlete turned TV host Gretchen Ho received ‘The Enchanted Rose’, just like the one in the movie “Beauty And The Beast.” Gretchen recently broke up with her boyfriend Robi Domingo due to work schedule conflict.

On her Instagram account, Gretchen expressed her appreciation to Disney for remembering her during the International Women’s Day.


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“This arrived in the mail today 😊 I’ve always loved receiving flowers because I feel like it represents the dignity of every woman. “I am precious, I am worthy, I am loved.” This post is for every woman out there who feels insecurity or doubt.. YOU are beautiful! YOU deserve the best! #BeautyWithin #InternationalWomensDay #womaninaction #womenempowerment”

(Photo source: Instagram – @gretchenho)

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