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Floyd Mayweather Jr. took banned IV before Pacquiao fight

Undefeated World Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. reportedly took an intravenous injection that was banned under the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines prior to his fight against Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

According to a report by SB Nation, Floyd Mayweather took an intravenous injection of saline and vitamins that was banned. Although the substances contained in the IV were not banned, the mere fact that they were given intravenously was not allowed.

WADA bans injections and infusions because they can be used to “dilute or mask the presence of another substance.”

On the other hand, Pacquiao was denied a request to be injected with the legal painkiller Toradol on fight night to ease pain in his injured rotator cuff.

(Story source: SB Nation)

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