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Fans miss Lola Tidora during AlDub 1st year anniversary celebration

Paolo was reportedly suspended by the management of Eat Bulaga for six months. Many believe that it’s about time that Paolo be allowed to return and make his presence felt again on the said portion.

Besides, JoWaPao will not be JoWaPao without Paolo.

But despite the alleged suspension, Paolo still managed to show his love and support to AlDub by posting a video on his Instagram account with the following caption:

“REGIINEE!! WOOOOH!! hahaha saw this on twitter Nood na mga dabarkads! IMAGINE YOU AND ME at sabaysabay mapa-Regiiineee!! Wooooh! thanks to @bastelovemaine for the video”

(Photo source: Facebook – @Eat Bulaga / Instagram – @pochoy_29)

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