Elmo Magalona talks about GF Janine Gutierrez

Although they did say in the past that they are just exclusively dating, young actor Elmo Magalona recently admitted that he is in a relationship with young actress Janine Gutierrez.

Elmo shared that their relationship started after they did the series ‘Villa Quintana’ and not during their taping for it.

The actor said that they never planned to admit their relationship, they just really want it to be private, but they were pressured by the questions thrown at them by the media.

But now, he is more than happy because finally, they are out in the open.

Elmo and Janine gets to spend more time together because the couple stars in the newest show by GMA entitled ‘More Than Words’.

According to Elmo, he feels blessed that he’s able to work with the person he loves, so they can bond more and he has gotten to know Janine better.

Feel the love of Elmo and Janine in ‘More Than Words’ starting this November.




(Photo Source: Elmo Magalona’s Official Instagram Account)