Doug Kramer gives daughter Kendra a ‘precious’ ring

Kendra Kramer’s 7th birthday celebration last Monday, June 27, wasn’t all about the grandiose princess-themed party, but also the love of parents to their child.

One of the highlights of the event was when Kendra’s dad Doug Kramer gave a ‘promise’ ring to Kendra that symbolizes their love for their eldest daughter.


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In Doug’s Instagram post, the father-of-three explained the significance of the studded ‘K’ ring.

“”What is a promise ring?

Baby, it is an outward symbol of a promise between people, just like papa and mama’s ring to symbolize our love and marriage. For this, it’s a promise between you and me Kendra. Pls remember to stay obedient, to love God, and to never easily give away your love to just anyone. Remember how your family loves you. But most especially remember how I treat you, the time I give you, how I respect you as a lady, how I encourage to build your relationship with God, and how much I unconditionally love you. You deserve nothing but the best. Happy birthday Kendra!”