Derrick Monasterio wants to kiss a guy

Young star Derrick Monasterio shared in an interview with GMA News that even though he is already in the legal age [18], he is not yet ready to commit with matured or sexy roles.

“I think this is not yet the right time” shared the young star.

According to him, he will just let GMA Network decide on what roles he portrays. And if ever they have decided that he is indeed ready to portray mature roles, he would gladly accept it.

And if ever he will be given a chance to do a mature role in the future, the actor was asked on what kind of character he has in his mind.

“Gay role with a kissing scene with a guy” answered Derrick.

Derrick is currently busy with his afternoon series the ‘Half Sisters.’



(Photo Source: Derrick Monasterio’s Official Instagram Account)