Daughter of Miss Tapia actress Mely Tagasa shares ‘painful decision’ of removing her mom’s life support, says she remains in coma

Mely Tagasa who portrayed the character of the terror teacher Miss Tapia in the 70’s sitcom ‘Iskul Bukol’ starring comedy trio Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey De Leon remains in coma after she had her life support removed.

In a report by Pep.ph, her daughter Gina Marissa Tagasa shared in a Facebook post how it was a tough decision for them to remove her mom’s respirator.


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She wrote: “It was a tough and painful decision to make since she has been quite dependent on this machine. She is still in Comatose stage but displays some pain and discomfort as she slightly jerks and squirms because of the intubation. (Ok, Doctors say it’s just her ‘reflexes’).”

“She now breathes with the help of an Oxygen tank. (Sorry, I may not be able to explain the process the way these Doctors do. Believe me, the Medical jargon is beginning to confuse us already while Hospital bills keep piling up every day).”

“We continue to monitor her condition—her vital signs fluctuate every hour so I can’t say everything is OK.”