Daniel Padilla’s Instagram account hacked

According to a tweet of Daniel Padilla’s on-screen love team Kathryn Bernardo, the Teen King’s Instagram was hacked. “ATTENTION EVERYONE‼️ @imdanielpadilla’s INSTAGRAM account has been hacked. Please disregard any posts until further notice. Pls spread”, Kathryn said.

KathNiel’s dedicated fans manage to scrren and identify the culorut of this illegal activity, an instagram username Seriousblack_ and whose real name is JD Baltazar, which is allegedly, a friend of Daniel.


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Several hours later Teen Queen Kathryn tweeted, “BUSTED”, implying that they also know who is behind the scheme.

Daniel is currently on board a plane back to the Philippines and is unavailable for comments, according to Thess Gubi, public relations officer of Star Magic.

(photo source: twitter/@kath)