Daniel Matsunaga gets robbed inside the plane

“Spirit of the Glass 2: The Haunted” actor Daniel Matsunaga was unlucky when he encountered a thief inside the plane on his way back to Manila.

In a post on Instagram, the actor asked fans to help him reclaim his lost valuables that included his wallet and important documents. Daniel detailed that while sleeping on a plane back to Manila from Singapore someone ransacked his bag taking away his items.


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He wrote, “Yesterday night wen i was flying back from singapore to manila on the flight PR508 someone stole my wallet and all my documents from my bag while i was sleeping… if anyone found it somewere or knows anybody that can do something about it or help me pls feel free to send me an email pls at dkm.work.ph@gmail.com…i just need my documents pls…”

He continued, “the airline didnt do anything about it and it is very sad that things like that can happen inside the plane and they dont have any cameras inside to protect your stuff…had to enter Ph as a tourist because even my icard and all was there. #HASSLE”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @dandanmatsunaga)