Daniel Matsunaga defends Erich Gonzales amid third party rumors

After Daniel Matsunaga confirmed that he and Erich Gonzales are going through a rough patch, their fans and followers were left to wonder about the reason of their problem. Some rumors have circulated online, saying that Gonzales allegedly cheated on Matsunaga.

In the comment section of one of his Instagram posts, Matsunaga dismissed the rumors and defended Gonzales, saying she would never cheat.


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“Listen everyone…this is already getting out of control…what you guys read has nothing to do with what happened between me and erich…FP is all lies and i dont know where that came from…even after everything that happened between the two of us, we both respect each other and there is nothing like that…non sense!i know Erich and she would never do such a thing… And to all the haters…I just pray that God changes your heart…God bless you guys.”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @dandanmatsunaga)