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Coleen Garcia attacked by alleged ex-cop in BGC

The ‘Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin’ star Coleen Garcia was caught up in an incident involving an alleged ex-cop at BGC.

The actress shared her story on Facebook saying “I just had a very stressful encounter with a lunatic here in BGC”. She said that the man stopped in front of her car, came down, and started shouting at her driver saying “PULIS AKO!!!”.


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She continued, saying that the man started to tackle her driver, despite the driver being calm. She then tried to intervene but the man attacked her.

“So I tried to intervene. I opened the van’s door and asked the man what his problem was and he literally attacked me and SCRATCHED MY FACE.”

Coleen said that the man reached both his hands and scratched her face, trying to pull her out, so he could he beat her up. Thankfully nothing has happened, as Coleen shut the door right away, yet the man kept on threatening her.

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“Good thing I was able to shut the door right away, but he still kept threatening us”, the man said “Gusto mo ng away? Ha?! Gusto mo ng gulo?!”

“So he brought out his backpack and he was grabbing something from inside. Naturally, we were all on the edge of our seats. He brought out a huge…. light? Ewan. Some kind of flashlight. And he was flashing it at my driver from the outside of our car, again like a complete lunatic.”


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