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Claudine Barretto defends daughter Sabina from basher’s false accusation

Actress Claudine Barretto defended her daughter Sabina from one basher who accused Sabina for allegedly having a bad attitude that caused their new ‘yaya’ to leave the Barretto residence.

Furthermore, the basher also added that Claudine’s yaya Ging is doing a double job for Barretto family – a cook and a yaya to Sabina at the same time.

This started after Claudine on her Instagram account posted a birthday greeting message for Yaya Ging:

“@sabina_barretto_santiago_12 my Palanggas this is our Yaya Ging.she has been Sabina’s Yaya/Second Mom for 12years. Its her Birthday today & she has always been so loving & maalaga sa kay Sab Pati kay Saint.happiest birthday Yaya ging we luv u”

Claudine again posted another photo to disprove the claim of the basher:


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