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Chito Miranda shares how his priorities changed after becoming a dad

Parokya Ni Edgar front man Chito Miranda has always expressed his love not only for his wife Neri Miranda but also for their son Miggy in his sweet Instagram posts.

That is why the rock band vocalist could not help but get worried when his son got hospitalized, sharing how he applied for all sorts of insurance and invested on security devices for his family.


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Chito posted a photo of him with Neri and Miggy who was undergoing medical test and wrote: “Sa wakas, makakahinga na kami ng maluwag!

Mapapa-‘Thank You, Lord’ ka nalang talaga eh.

This was taken a few weeks ago…di ko lang pinost because it was something I wasn’t really keen on sharing.

This is one of several pics that I took, for me to have something to remind myself with ng mga pinagdaanan namin these past couple of months.

Sobrang hirap, jusko! Super stressful, but being the dad, wala kang choice but to be strong, kasi you need to maintain a light and happy disposition for your family, kahit deep inside, nag-aalala ka.

Todo dasal na lang talaga, at tiwala na everything will be fine.”

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