CHISMS POP (Pulse of the People) result: Melai will win YFSF

If we are to refer to the engagement and interactions of our CHISMS community to the four finalists of Your Face Sounds Familiar, Melai Cantiveros will win Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Jay-R impersonates iconic legend ‘Frank Sinatra’, Edgar Allan Guzman impersonates ‘Chris Brown’, Melai Cantiveros impersonates Miley Cyrus” and Nyoy Volante impersonates ‘Whitney Houston’

CHISMS POP Statistics (as of June 7, 2015 – 3:00pm) :

1 – Melai as Miley Cyrus- 45.9K post likes / 135.6K post clicks / 1.3M reach / 1,374 comments

2 or 3 – Nyoy as Whitney Houston – 7.5K post likes / 17.2K post clicks / 268.3K reach / 280 comments

2 or 3 – JayR as Frank Sinatra- 9.3K post likes / 12.6K post clicks / 253.7k reach / 271 comments

4 – EA Guzman as Chris Brown – 8.8K post likes / 7.8k post clicks / 191k reach / 106 comments

The winner of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” will be known on Sunday, June 7, 2015 and will be decided via text votes.

(Photo source: Instagram – @yourfaceph)