Carmina Villarroel shares birthday messages for her twins, Cassy and Mavy

“Doble Kara” star Carmina Villarroel gave her birthday messages for her twins—Cassy and Mavy, as they celebrate their fifteenth birthday today, January 6, 2016.

The proud mom turned to Instagram this Wednesday (January 6, 2016) as she posted two separate heartfelt birthday greetings for Cassy and Mavy accompanied by their throwback baby photos alongside Carmina. Looking back at their memories as a family, Carmina expressed how proud she is to raise two responsible and caring individuals.

Known for their several television commercials and endorsements, the Legazpi family garnered positive reviews from the audience for portraying an ideal family image which is very likely for most Filipino families.


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On her Instagram post for daughter Cassy, Carmina captioned the photo with a sincere birthday greeting for the young lady saying,

“Cassy dear, my Chuchay, my forever baby girl, my mini me, my shopping and gym buddy- you are the perfect daughter for us. You are fun loving, happy, vibrant and free spirited girl. You have the making of a future diplomat since you are often the peace maker and the mediator in the family. I like it when you get crazy. You’ll just laugh all of a sudden and would ask me, mama why am I laughing? Hahaha. You’re funny. because of you I feel like a child again. We have our own routine every night before we sleep, when we hug, we would tap each other’s butt and my fav- kith kith love love Arf Arf woof woof! thank you for being so sweet and kind hearted. I love you to infinity and beyond. Happy Birthday my precious little one. #cassymavy15thbirthday #legaspitwins #supertwins”

Carmina, on the other hand, shares her straight from the heart birthday message for her son, Mavy. Carmina captioned the post with: