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Bailey’s reaction after seeing “Ariana Grande”

After Ms. Jolina Magdangal’s visit in the PBB house, Kuya hinted that another special visitor will enter the house. Ariana Grande’s photo was then posted in the monitor and her song was played, which set the housemates in hype thinking that their next mentor would be the Hollywood singer.

The housemates were then told to get ready in preparation for an international pop star. It was a common knowledge that Ylona is a fan of Ariana and was, not surprisingly, one of the most excited in assuming that the ‘Break Free’ singer would come. However, another housemate was thrilled upon hearing the news.


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Apparently, Bailey was also a huge fan of Ariana. He started dancing and praying the singer to come and she would definitely be an inspiration for their performance. The 12-year-old Fil-Brit also exclaimed that he would cry if he will see Ariana Grande. He was speechless when he saw “Ariana Grande”.

The housemates heard the guest in the confession room. The guest, apparently, was Nyoy Volante dressed like Ariana Grande. Bailey was really disappointed so Kuya gave him an Ariana Grande mini-stand.

(Photosource: ABS-CBN Entertainment PBB 737 Screengrab)

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