Aubrey Miles looks back at 2nd pregnancy 9 years ago

Sexy mommy Aubrey Miles just recently announced her pregnancy with her third child, her second with husband Troy Montero.

In her recent Instagram post, Aubrey looked back at her memories during her second pregnancy with her son Hunter, sharing how she had been fond of reading and even dreamed of some of the characters from books she had read.


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The actress also shared her current interest, something different from her past pregnancies, now that she is pregnant with her third child.

She wrote: “Throwback 9years ago when I was pregnant with Hunter. I remember I read how many books and cried every story. I got involved with each character and even had dreams about them haha🤣 I think I was 8months pregnant in this photo plus our still house looked like an office hehe
Anyway with my 3rd pregnancy I like crafts and cooking. Totally different interests 👏🏻😊”

Aubrey’s first born named John Maurie is her son with former boyfriend JP Obligacion.

(Photo source: Instagram – @milesaubrey)