Antoinette Taus denies Dingdong Dantes love child issue

In an interview with The Buzz, Antoinette Taus once for all clear up the issue surrounding her and Dingdong Dantes. Show host Boy Abunda asked Antoinette if she has a lovechild with Dingdong.

Antoinette denied having a child with Dingdong and said that if she does have one she will proudly announce it. ”It is not true that I have a child with Dingdong” said Antoinette.

When asked if Dingdong has anything to do with her decision to leave the country? Antoinette again denied the issue and said that it was totally her decision to leave the country. Antoinette added that when she left the Philippines, she was still in a relationship with Dingdong. So it is not true that the reason for her leaving the country is to mend a broken heart.

(Photo source: Instagram – @aatofficial)