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Anne & Jasmine Curtis Ask Prayers for their Dad’s Operation

Actress Anne Curtis and sister Jasmine Curtis showed how much they truly love their father as they both ask netizens, their supporters or fans through the social media site Tweeter last September 14, 2014 to pray for the success of his heart surgery.

“Good Morning to all my followers. I am calling out to all the prayer warriors out there to say a prayer for my dad today.

His operations starts at 7am. There’s truly nothing like the power of prayer. Please join us as we pray for a smooth & successful surgery.

I know he’ll get through this & will be back with a healthier heart in no time. Thank you to everyone that prayed & will be praying for him” were Tweeted by Anne.

While her sister, Jasmine, Tweeted “I ask from you all, my beloved supporters, are your prayers and thoughts for my papa. Please and my sincerest thank you.”

Jasmine also tweeted a prayer that says “Lord, we lift it all up to You. Guide the surgeons’ hands, I’ll fear no evil, by the waters still my soul. My heart will trust in You.”



(Photo Source: Anne Curtis’ Official Instagram Account)

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