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Anne Curtis is proud of her Jelly Fish sting scar

Last April of 2014, during Princess of All Media Anne Curtis’ taping of the ‘Dyesebel’ series, she was rushed to the hospital due to a jelly fish attack. Reports stated that the wound caused by the attack was so massive that according to Anne it is the closest she’s ever been to death.

Doctor thought she’s lucky to survive the sting of a box jellyfish.

And after eight months, just last December 19, 2014, Anne shared on her Instagram account a picture of her jelly fish sting scar and she was proud of it.

With the post, she was also happy to show off the result of her working out to stay fit.

“They have decided to make an appearance! Hello Abs. I’ve missed you. Why are you so stubborn?! [It’s hard getting you back]!I still have to push harder!” captioned Anne with the picture.

“Hello [too] Jellyfish scar! Shout out to my trainer @alvinfitnesstrainer and nutritionist mama @nadinetengco for helping me reboot my system! I got lazy after Dyesebel and decided to let loose! [But] now I’m on #AnnesJourneyTo30 which is to have my best body ever! [Not that thin but] fit and toned!I can do this!!! Who else wants to join me on my journey? Hope to inspire some ladies out there to get back into shape and start a fitness program! [We can do this]!” added Anne.



(Photo Source: Anne Curtis’ Official Instagram Account)

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