Angelica Panganiban speaks up on breakup issue with John Lloyd

In previous interviews with Angelica Panganiban, she still denies the rumor that she and boyrfriend, John Lloyd Cruz were having some problems and that their three-year relationship is about to end.

On her Instagram post, Angelica Panganiban uploaded a photo of a bracelet with this caption: “Problem 101 at home when you can’t get any help because you live alone.”

Netizens have different interpretations on Angelica’s post. One of the comments on Angelica’s post is this: “Alam mo @iamangelicap kung nagtino ka e di sana kayo pa ni jlc at may magkakabit nyang bracelet mo.. Balita ko kaya ka hiniwalayan ni jlc kasi Hindi nya ma-stand”

The said netizen added, “Ang ugali mo.. Same reason bat ka hiniwalayan ni Derek noon. Tama ba ko ha



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In a separate post, Angelica posted this: “Can’t wait…. 8 more hours…. haaang tagaaaal!!!!!”

The same netizen said this: “Waiting for someone ba ka mo? Wala syang hinihintay.. At Wala na Syang hihintayin.. Dahil Wala ng babalik…”

These harsh words caught the attention of Angelica and replied this: “@nihonweld tawang tawa ko sayo way to go girl.”

(Photo Source: Instagram – @iamangelicap)