Andi Eigenmann celebrate her second year with Emilio Arambulo

Kapamilya actress Andi Eigenmann celebrated the second year since her meeting with the love of her life, Emilio Arambulo.

In several posts on Instagram, the Kapamilya actress revealed to fans and followers that she is celebrating her special anniversary with her boyfriend. On her account she shared a silly photo of them together with a heartwarming caption dedicated to Emilio.


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She wrote, “Hello Emilio, Today marks the 2nd year of knowing you, so here is a photo of you attempting to kick me out of the board. To remind you that no matter what you do, I ain’t goin nowhere girl.😆”

“But seriously, THANK YOU for being you, and all that you do. For making it easy for me to become the best person I can be. I am perfectly fine being the funny one, as long as I am paired with you! Here’s to more islands to discover, waves to surf, food to eat, and even more hang loose-er years together!! Love yo.”