Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito engage in Twitter war


Last August 15, Monday, Jake Ejercito took to Twitter to express his thoughts in the recent string of articles tying him once again to his ex-girlfriend and actress Andi Eigenmann. During the press conference for the promotion of Andi’s film ‘Camp Sawi’, it was unavoidable to rummage through Andi’s past heartbreaks, ultimately leading to Jake’s name being dragged into the scene.

The budding actor and model seemed to not enjoy the glaring spotlight directed at him and wrote a Twitter rant on his account. The message read:


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“Alright, I’ve no idea why I’m being mentioned in interviews to promote something I’m not even part of and when my closest connection to the film is someone I haven’t been in proper contact with for a long time.

Can’t you promote your film by only entertaining questions about the film or perhaps your career?
As much as I’ve tried my best to ignore it, I can’t stay silent when I am conveniently and effortlessly being maligned out of nowhere.

Stay positive and real, everyone. And for those who aren’t, try it. Life is too awesome.”

Jake’s tweet did not go unnoticed and in no time, Andi responded to Jake’s message with a lengthy and epic Twitter rant on her own account.

Andi first explained that she was only answering the questions directed at her by the reporters. And with the film’s theme which explores the heartbreaks of five girls, it only follows that the stars will be asked about their own experiences with love. Andi also told Jake off for thinking that she is using his name for the promotion of the film.