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Alex Gonzaga slams basher who called her ‘no-class’

Kapamilya actress and host Alex Gonzaga responded to a netizen who made rude comments against her telling her that she has “no class” on Instagram.

The discussion started when a fan of the Kapamilya host told her that she is similar to the Korean model and actress Lee Sung Kyung. A basher then responded to the previous comment, saying that Alex can’t be compared to the Korean idol.


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The basher stated that the Korean model has more class and intelligence compared to Alex. The netizen said, “@quennie_gay.lim no way !lee sung kyung is so pretty classy and intelligent….sorry but you cannot buy class..lee sun kyung is so classy …no comparison at all…”

Alex who saw the comment, defended herself and said “@reiko.33 brad, nakagraduate ako nawala lang ang grad pic ko. Taytay represent sa Ua&p to tol. Sasabit ko na ba diploma ko sa pader nyo? Hahaha Clazzz”

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