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‘AlDub’ loveteam trends worldwide

Alden Richards and Yaya Dub’s sweetness has reached worldwide popularity as the hashtag ‘#AlDub’ almost always trends worldwide and in the Philippines.

The ‘AlDub’ tandem is featured daily in Eat Bulaga’s ‘Juan For All, All For Juan: Problem Solving’ segment with ‘Lola Nidora’ which is portrayed by Wally Bayola.

The AlDub videos posted on Eat Bulagas Facebook pages reaches an average of more than a million views daily.


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Maine Mendoza, also known as ‘Yaya Dub’, and Alden Richards thanked their fans for their support and for making ‘#AlDubToTheRescue’ trend on Twitter.

(Photo Source: Twitter – @ItsALDubOFC / @mainedcm / @aldenrichards02 / GMA Network Eat Bulaga Youtube Screengrab)

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