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Alden Richards reveals his courting style

Alden Richards’ team up with the dubsmash sensation Maine Mendoza, more popularly known as Yaya Dub, gave birth to a new loveteam – ‘AlDub’.

Views of Eat Bulaga’s segment “Juan For All, All For Juan” and followers are wishing that the AlDub loveteam will turn into something real. Many also began to be curious on Alden’s courting style with girls.

In an interview with Alden on ‘Tonight With Arnold Clavio’ last Wednesday (July 22, 2015), viewers get to know more about the country’s “Bae”. He said that if in case he meets the woman he loves, the 23-year-old actor said that the best way to win her heart is to be just true to yourself.


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He also added that a man should not try to impress a woman which he cannot sustain for a long period of time. Thus, trying to be different from the original self will ultimately end one’s relationship.

(Photo Source: GMA News and Public Affairs Tonight with Arnold Clavio Screengrab)

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