A dream is now a reality for Maine Mendoza


Maine Mendoza (aka Yaya Dub) is by far the most popular “Yaya” in the country or even in the world today considering her character and success is being talked about in local and international news programs.

She is all over television, print, online, radio and even having a billboard ad. On Instagram, Maine shared her thoughts about her billboard in Edsa:

“I still remember saying “Sana talaga magkaron din ako ng billboard ko someday!”

as a kid. Passing by tons of billboards along the expressway, I used to rest my head on the car window while gaping at those gracefully photographed celebrities/models. I was dreaming to see myself on one of those advertisements one day; but back then, I knew that it will NEVER EVER come to reality. (Papa’no naman kasi diba?)

Until all of these happened.. nobody knew that my “fantasies” would come true. Nobody thought it was possible. I couldn’t help but ask my driver to stop in front of this Coca-Cola billboard (along EDSA) so I could take a photo of it, but before that, I took a couple of seconds to just stare at it.. then I found myself whispering.. “Eto na…eto na sya.”

(Photo source: Instagram – @mainecdm)